November 25, 2014

--NDSS is currently nearly completed with the JustWare database. The users are currently being trained on how to intake cases. The anticipated go-live is January 2015. This was possible with the technical assistance of NDIT Staff. This will be utilized by NDSS Administration and four (4) DSS Programs: Department of Family Services (DFS), Navajo Children and Family Services (NCFS), Navajo Treatment Center for Children and their Families (NTCCF), and Navajo School Clothing and Special Project Program (NSCP).


--NDSS is currently working on connected the programs to be on one network through DIT and NTUA internet. The radios are still needed to be purchased and will be configured and installed by NDSS IT staff. The DSL internet connection will be eliminated.


--NDSS is currently working on implementing online Web Help Desk for the employees to be able to submit IT request. This will be much quicker than submitting the request by paper. After being completed the ticket will be emailed to the IT staff. This will increase the response from the IT staff for assistance.


The Navajo Nation Council established Division of Social Services on September 14, 1989 by resolution CS-57-89. The Government Services Committee amended the Division Plan of Operation and approved the Division Mater Plan of Operation on June 30, 2009 by resolution GSCJN-17-09.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to have strong families and communities through cultural identity, wellness and self-sufficiency.

Mission Statement

Navajo Division of Social Services will advocate for change and empower and strengthen our families and communities by providing quality, holistic, culture, and value-based services!

NDSS - Administration

48 West Highway 264
Quality Inn Office
Complex Suite #203
P.O. Box 4590
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: 928-871-6851
Fax: 928-871-7372

Terrelene Massey, Esq.,
Division Director
Navajo Nation Division of Social Services
PO Box #4590
Window Rock, AZ 86515
(928) 871-6851 (phone)
(928) 871-7372 (fax)

The Executive Director, through the Executive Administration office, shall ensure that social (human) services are provided and are consistent with professional social work ethics, values, and in accordance with Navajo cultural values and traditions. The Executive Director shall also ensure that the services provided would help to reduce and alleviate hardship and have the ultimate purpose of contributing to Navajo self-sufficiency. The Executive Director shall also serve as an advocate for clients, special target groups and develop social services priorities, needs and/or issues.

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