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Navajo Division of Social Services

The Navajo Division of Social Services Executive Administration Office, under the Direction of Mrs. Terrelene Massey, Esq, is located within the Navajo Nation Government Executive Branch. The Executive Administration Office comprises of Financial Management, Information Technology, Administrative Support, and Contract & Compliance section.

The purpose of the Executive Administration Office is to implement the Navajo Nation’s polices to ensure that essential social services are available to needy families and individuals living on or near the Navajo Nation and to others, where mandated by statues and regulations.

The Executive Director, through the Executive Administration office, shall ensure that social (human) services are provided and are consistent with professional social work ethics, values, and in accordance with Navajo cultural values and traditions. The Executive Director shall also ensure that the services provided would help to reduce and alleviate hardship and have the ultimate purpose of contributing to Navajo self-sufficiency. The Executive Director shall also serve as an advocate for clients, special target groups and develop social services priorities, needs and/or issues.



The Navajo Nation Council established Division of Social Services on September 14, 1989 by resolution CS-57-89. The Government Services Committee amended the Division Plan of Operation and approved the Division Mater Plan of Operation on June 30, 2009 by resolution GSCJN-17-09.

Vision Statement


Our vision is to have strong families and communities through cultural identity, wellness and self-sufficiency.

Mission Statement


Navajo Division of Social Services will advocate for change and empower and strengthen our families and communities by providing quality, holistic, culture, and value-based services!



Emergency Numbers

Navajo Nation Police Department

(928) 871-6111

(928) 871-6113

Emergency Mobile Response Team

For Domestic Violence

(928) 660-8991

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1 (800) 273-8255 (TALK)


NDSS Executive

Adminstration Building 2

Window Rock AZ

P. (928) 871-6851

F. (928) 871-7372


Ndss - programs

Child Care Development Fund

P. (928) 871-6629

Developmental Disabilities

P. (928) 871-8067

Dept. of Family Services

P. (928) 871-6556

Navajo Children & Family Services

P. (928) 871-6806

Dept. For Self Reliance

P. (928) 810-8553

Navajo School Clothing Program

P. (928) 871-7509

Navajo Treatment Center for Children & Their Families

P. (928) 871-7679

Strengthening Families Program

P. (928) 871-6851