Serving the Navajo Nation

navajo division of social services

Executive Support

To provide support and technical assistance to all NDSS Programs, Section as needed with evaluation, classification, job vacancies, announcement and conducting assessment, background checks and the amendments to the Navajo Nation Personnel Policies Manual.

The Navajo Division of Social Services Executive Administration Office is located within the Navajo Nation Government Executive Branch. The Executive Administration Office comprises of Financial Management, Administrative Support, Contract & Compliance, and Information Technology section.

The purpose of the Executive Administration Office is to implement the Navajo Nation’s policies to ensure that essential social services are available to needy families and individuals living on or near the Navajo Nation and to others, where mandated by statues and regulations.


Main Office:



NDSS - Executive
P.O. Box 4590
Window Rock, AZ 86515

Phone: 928-871-6851
Fax: 928-871-7372


NDSS - Executive

2296 Administration Building #2

Window Rock Boulevard,

Window Rock, AZ 86515


Laura Mike
Program Manager I


Fran Roanhorse


Emma Hannah
Administrative Assistant


Rachel Toledo
Senior Office Specialist


Emergency Numbers


Navajo Nation Police Department

(928) 871-6111

(928) 871-6113

SFP Crisis Line

(505) 368-1157

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


1 (800) 273-8255 (TALK)


Report Child Abuse or Neglect


Call #7233 Cell Phone



NDSS Executive



Adminstration Building 2


Window Rock AZ

P. (928) 871-6851

F. (928) 871-7372


Ndss - programs


Child Care Development Fund

P. (928) 871-6629

Developmental Disabilities

P. (928) 871-8067

Dept. of Family Services

P. (928) 871-6556

Navajo Children & Family Services

P. (928) 871-6806

Dept. For Self Reliance

P. (928) 810-8553

Navajo School Clothing Program

P. (928) 871-7509

Navajo Treatment Center for Children & Their Families

P. (928) 871-7679

Strengthening Families Program

P. (928) 871-7629