Department of Family Services

The Navajo Nation Department of Family Services provides specialized human services to children, adults, and elderly whom are experiencing abuse, neglect or crisis and to help maintain healthy and stable families on the Navajo Nation. In addition, provide quality services to individuals and households experiencing temporary financial hardship in meeting their short term basic needs, immediate emergency and home energy needs.

The following services shall be administered through the Family Services Offices in accordance with established policies, rules, regulations, contracts and including Federal, State, and Navajo Nation laws:




The goal of the DFS is to provide quality casework services that address each person's cultural needs, explain information to the consumer in the language the consumer is most familiar and provide services in the consumers' own community. The delivery of services to individuals and families shall be provided in an efficient and effective manner utilizing the wrap around method of intervention and the system of care model.

And assist individual and households to become self-sufficient through education of financial management, home energy saving and referral to programs that would assist the families in overcoming financial hardship. Services are administered in accordance with all applicable Navajo, Federal and State laws, rules, regulations and policies.


Program and Services:


The Department of Family Services has Several specialized programs. Each program is guided and supported by a program supervisor. Each program has "first line" workers whom serve a specific purpose and can be found in most DFS field offices located throughout the Navajo Nation.


Emergency Numbers

Navajo Nation Police Department

(928) 871-6111

(928) 871-6113

Emergency Mobile Response Team

For Domestic Violence

(928) 660-8991

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1 (800) 273-8255 (TALK)


NDSS Executive

Adminstration Building 2

Window Rock AZ

P. (928) 871-6851

F. (928) 871-7372


Ndss - programs

Child Care Development Fund

P. (928) 871-6629

Developmental Disabilities

P. (928) 871-8067

Dept. of Family Services

P. (928) 871-6556

Navajo Children & Family Services

P. (928) 871-6806

Dept. For Self Reliance

P. (928) 810-8553

Navajo School Clothing Program

P. (928) 871-7509

Navajo Treatment Center for Children & Their Families

P. (928) 871-7679

Strengthening Families Program

P. (928) 871-7629