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Navajo School Clothing Program


Mission Statement:


Navajo School Clothing Program (NSCP) is to assist Navajo Parents by providing their eligible child with a package of clothing to encourage school attendance and ultimately resulting in higher education levels for the Navajo people while working in conjunction with participating schools and on an emergency basis provide clothing to eligible children.

Who We Are


  • The Navajo School Clothing Program (NSCP) was establised in 1954, under the Navajo Division of Social Services. The NSCP is a small program whom serves and assists students who are enrolled at any participating school on or off the Navajo Nation.
  • The NSCP has Provided school children with clothing on an annual basis. Many children have received clothing for many years and can remember the delight in receiving new clothes. Today is the same, the children are still extremely excited about their clothes. There are no income eligibility requirements for the regular clothing assistance.
  • The NSCP works collaboratively with school entities to ensure student clothing orders are completed and submitted timely so that each student receives their school clothing package as soon as possible after the new school year begins.
  • The NSCP works diligently with Primary and Secondary School Representative to ensure that the school clothing packages are received by the students.
  • The NSCP continues to seek the most up to date clothing styles, fashions , textures, colors, and sizes for the students.
  • The NSCP accepts exchanges within the thirty (30) Business days of receipt of the clothing packages.  Exchanges are on Tuesdays and Thursdays - 9 AM to 4 PM.
  • The NSCP assist school students with "Emergency Assistance" requests.  Student must be between the ages of 3 and 18.  Must meet the basic eligibility requirements. 
  • The NSCP is managed by two (2) permanent full-time staff members; with 10+ temporary seasonal employees who procure receive, package and distribute the clothing package.
  • The NSCP school clothing distribution cycle runs from August to February each year Monday Thru Friday

Office Locations:


Administration Office
Admin 2 Building 2296, 2nd Floor
Navajo Boulevard
Window Rock AZ 86515

Phone: 928-871-7509
Phone: 928-871-6851
Fax: 928-871-7372

Physical Warehouse Location 
Gorman Hall Navajo Nation Fair Ground.

Window Rock, Arizona 86515

Phone: No Phone
Fax:      No Fax


Administrative Staff:


Chris Wallace, MS, BSW
Program Supervisor

Phone: 928-871-7509

Betty Howard
Senior Office Specialist

Phone: 928-871-7509 or 6851

Tiara Tungovia 
Office Aide

Phone: 928-871-7509 or 6851


Power Point:                             Navajo School Clothing SY2018-2019 School Orientation   

Download Forms (PDF):           NSCP Flyer           Participating Form         Request for Emergency Form           POLICIES & PROCEDURES Revised 10/15/2018


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