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Navajo Nation

Division of Social Services


The Navajo Division of Social Services (DSS) is under the Executive Branch of the Navajo Nation’s three-branch government. Under the leadership of the NDSS Executive Director, NDSS programs and departments provide social services, consistent with professional social work ethics and values, and human services in accordance with Navajo cultural values to help reduce and alleviate hardship.


Special NNDSS Announcement


FY 2022 LIHEAP Model Plan

Public Comment: FY 2022 Liheap Model Plan.
(Comments period ends September 17, 2021.)

Email Commments to Roselyn Begay, SPPS at

Written comments may be emailed to:

DSS Office of the Executive Director,
Attn: Roselyn Begay,
P.O. Box 4590,
Window Rock, AZ 86515.

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Press Releases

13 September 2021

Navajo Nation Child Care Centers Reopening Schedule Revised

02 September 2021

Online application for CARES Act LIHEAP Now Available

02 September 2021
02 September 2021

Navajo School Clothing and Supplies Applications Accepted Sooner Than Announced

03 August 2021

Navajo Nation Child Care Centers Reopening in Phases


DSS Departments & Programs

Be advised, DSS funding sources require that all DSS applicants meet eligibility requirements. Click on the links below to download a fillable applications for financial assistance. Use the Application Portal above to apply immediately.

Office of the Executive Director

 Postal Address:
PO Box 4590
Window Rock,
Arizona 86515

 Physical Address:
2296 Administration Bldg #2,
Window Rock Blvd.

 (928) 871-6851
 (928) 871-7372

 Dss Executive Directory

 Deannah Neswood-Gishey,
LMSW, Executive Director

 Marlinda Littleman,
Deputy Division Director

Administration Section

Emma Hannah,  Administration Assistant
ext. 6833
Nicolette Begay,  Senior Office Specialist
ext. 6851

Human Resources Section

Emma Hannah,  Administration Assistant
ext. 6833
Nicolette Begay,  Senior Office Specialist
ext. 6851

Communication Section

Emma Hannah,  Administration Assistant
ext. 6833
Nicolette Begay,  Senior Office Specialist
ext. 6851

Policy Section

Roselyn Begay,  SPPS
ext. 6873

Financial Management Section

Brenda Tsosie,  Principal Accountant
ext. 6638

Information Technology Section

Frank Burnside, Jr.,  Prin.Info.Sys.Tech
ext. 7342
(DFS) - Department of Family Services
PO Box 704
Window Rock
AZ 86515

 (928) 871-6851
 (928) 871-7372
 DFS Directory

The DFS provides specialized services to children, adult and elderly who are experiencing abuse, neglect or crisis, and to help maintain healthy and stable families on the Navajo Nation.

 DFS Fact Sheet

(DCCD) - Department of Child Care Development
PO Box 2425
Window Rock
AZ 86515

 (928) 871-6629
 (928) 871-7077
 DCCD Directory

The DCCD provides affordable and quality child care services for income eligible parents who are working, participating in job training, or an education program.

 DCCD Fact Sheet

(DSR) - Department for Self Reliance
PO Box 2279
Window Rock
AZ 86515

 (928) 810-8592
 (928) 810-8557
 DSR Directory

The DSR utilizes the Navajo concept and teachings of T’áá hwó ájít’éego to provide financial assistance and supportive services to eligible families with minor children through the  Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

 DSR Fact Sheet

(NTCCF) - Navajo Treatment Center for Children & Their Families Program
PO Box 1967
Window Rock
AZ 86515

 (928) 871-7679
 (928) 871-6176
 NTCCF Directory

Provides Outpatient Counseling and other mental health services to children, ages 4 to 17 years of age. Outpatient Counseling and aftercare services are offered to couples, groups, and families by referral only.

 NTCCF Fact Sheet

(DD) - Developmental Disabilities Program
PO Box 4739
Window Rock
AZ 86515

 DD Directory

Provides comprehensive case management to ensure medically necessary services are delivered timely to Medicaid eligible members that include the aged, blind, and/or physically and developmentally disabled.

 DD Fact Sheet

(NICWA) - Navajo Indian Child Welfare Act Program
PO Box 1930
Window Rock
AZ 86515

 (928) 871-6806
 (928) 871-7667
 NICWA Directory

Preserves and reunites Navajo children with their parents, next of kin, or another Native American family. Provides ongoing, quality case management services to Navajo children who are domiciled off the Navajo Nation, and are subject to out of home care.

 NICWA Fact Sheet

(NFAS) - Navajo Family Assistance Services Program
PO BOX 704
Window Rock
AZ 86515

 (928) 871-6851
 (928) 871-7372
 NFAS Directory

The NFAS provides financial assistance to eligible individuals and households.


 NFAS Fact Sheet



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